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May 2022


 I just hired paralegal “L” for Greenville office. I think she will be a great fit. She starts on the 21st of May!

See any good talent in Charleston?  We need a top notch paralegal for that office


April 2022

Hi DJ,

we did hire paralegal “BP”.  Thanks for all your help! 

Arkansas Law Firm


March 2022

Good morning “Law Firm Owner”,

“Paralegal M” is super excited about working for you.  Everyone who meets you loves you!  Her start date Tuesday, March 15th. 


February 2022

Good afternoon DJ,

 Both partners offered attorney “B” a job on the spot today and he accepted.  He will start next Monday.  Thank you for another great candidate, we greatly appreciate it!


Best Regards,

Managing Attorney


January 2022

Hi DJ – “Paralegal K” came in last week to meet everyone and get to know the processes. Her first day is the 29th. Thank you for the referral.

Columbia, SC Law Firm Administrator



December 2021

She accepted our offer.  She starts 12/27/21, The Monday after Christmas



November 2021

 Hi DJ:

Hope all is well.  I will be making an offer to you for “candidate K” tomorrow please relay offer and let me know her start date.  We believe she will fit in with our team!  Thanks,

Charleston, SC Law Office Manager


The offer is wonderful!  I am excited to get to work with "law firm". I have been placing other offers on hold until I heard from them. Tell them, I can start first thing Monday with training if needed. 

I appreciate everything you have done Darla. You are the best!

November 2021


Ms. Darla,

She and I hit it off, talked for an hour and a half on face time, until her phone ran out of power. Needless to say, I hired her.  She turned in her two week notice today.  Thanks for the referral.  

October 2021


Good afternoon.  I hope all is well.  Just wanted to make sure "paralegal" is still starting on Monday.  Looking forward to her coming on board!

September 2021



I can not thank you enough for all of your help! I look forward to this new adventure with _______ Law Offices on Monday. 

August 2021


Good morning DJ,

 "Attorney X's" start date will be the 26th.  Her title will be Intake Attorney.

 Thanks again for the referral!

July 2021


I hired Attorney "S"; starts on July 14th.  

Thank you,  "Partner"

July 2021

Good morning DJ,

We are very excited that Attorney KG will be joining our firm.

Thank you. 

NY Law Firm Office Manager

June 2021

Hi DJ,

I have spoken with "paralegal", emailed her and she has accepted our offer. 

Thanks for your help. 

May 2021

Dear Law Firm Partner,

This placement may not have happened as quickly if you did not intervene.  So I am happy to take $1,000 off her placement invoice. 

Thank you so much for your help.  Darla

April 2021



I am happy to say that "Attorney B" will start with us in a few weeks (not sure of exact start date).

Thank you, "Partner"

March 2021


Good Afternoon Darla,

I am pleased to respond! I will be accepting the offer from The "XYZ" Law Firm. I am available to start February 8th, 2021. I intend on placing my two weeks on Friday afternoon and I believe my current employer will let me work the following week. 

Thank you, R....

February 2021

Thank you "Law Firm Administrator",

"Candidate" said “yes yes yes” I accept the offer!😁  and would like to start date Monday next week?

February 2021

Attorney BB is excited about starting in your Greenville office tomorrow! 

January 2021

Darla's Client:

Dear Law Firm Owner,

I’m sorry I missed your call last night.  Attorney EM is eager and excited about the opportunity to work with you!  He is giving his notice tomorrow.  Please feel free to call me anytime this evening.

November 2020


I start tomorrow thank you for this so much!  One day I am gonna kiss your face for making this happen.... after corona and all lol

October 2020

Hi Darla! Things are going pretty good. Did I say thank you enough! Really thank you! I think everyone here is great!  so far so good!

September 2020

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help in all this.  I realized that I had forgotten to do that.

August 2020

Yes mam, I'm all set to start Monday. Thank you again for everything and changing my life. I greatly appreciate you!

June 2020

Darla's Client:

Hi Darla,

We would like to offer "R" the paralegal position at a starting rate of $24.50 per hour.   If she’s open to that, our offers are contingent upon a favorable background check (criminal, motor vehicle).   Can I contact her directly about that next step  and her start date.  

March 2020

Hey Darla, "Charleston Law Firm" offered me the paralegal position!! I start tomorrow!  Thank you so much for everything!!

February 2020

Darla, My office manager just told me that "your candidate" loves you!  She told him that you’re  very easy to work with and know  how to put people and companies together that seem to match what each needs.  He figured I’d like to pass that along to you.   I told him I also think you’re wonderful and you completely understand our needs!    He said we need to stay on your good side then 😊!

February 2020

Darla's Client: Connecticut Law Firm wrote...

Our meetings with I..... (paralegal)  went very well this morning!  She made a nice impression being prompt, professional, and articulate.    She appears to have a solid foundation and an eagerness to learn.  Her WC experience is another plus for  lit team in general.   We’re considering making an offer to her.   I’ll have more information for you tomorrow.    

Thanks again for referring her!

January 2020

Darla's Client: Charlotte, NC Law Firm wrote...


I love T.... (paralegal).   When can she start?

December 2019

Darla's Client: Columbia, SC Law Firm wrote...

Darla, it looks like we have a deal with K........ Thank you for sending her over. Can you please cancel the Friday interview I believe you set up? K...... is putting in her two weeks notice on Friday. I’ll let you know when we have her start date.  

November 2019

Darla's Client: Columbia, SC Law Firm wrote...

Thank you Darla, You are right about  Pam's personality, she will fit in with the dynamics of our Columbia office and we would like to offer her what she is seeking, $50,500.  Please let us know when she can start.  

October 2019

Darla's Client: Charleston, SC Law Firm wrote...

Thank you Ms. Darla, Attorney M___ is going to be a great fit and awesome attorney for us.  Thanks for finding him!

September 2019

Darla's Client: New Rochelle, NY Law Firm wrote...

Good afternoon Darla,

Attorney "R" accepted our offer!  She will is starting next week. 

Please email me an invoice for your service.  Thank you again.

Enjoy the weekend.

August 2019

Darla's Client: Connecticut Law Firm wrote...

Hi Darla,

We met with Attorney M____ today and think she’d be a great fit for our Attorney position!    I’d like to call her in the morning and make an offer.   Do you need anything from me before that?

July 2019

Darla's Client: New York, NY Law Firm wrote...

Hello Ms. Marfia,

Thank you so much, and yes, Attorney M.... is GREAT!   Thank you very much, once again, and we look forward to working with you in the future. Have a pleasant day!

May 2019

Darla's Client: Charleston, SC Law Firm wrote...

I interviewed, I offered, she accepted, simple as that! lol….thank you so much!  


April 2019

Joseph's Client: Spartanburg SC Law Firm wrote...


I liked her a lot. I think she would be a good fit and work out well with our office.   We would like to offer JL $$$$$ to come work for us.


March 2019

NY Law Firm wrote...

Darla: I hired him. 175G. I think he is the right guy. Thanks very much.  He is starting February 11.

February 2019

Darla's Client: NY Boutique Law Firm wrote...

"Darla, I spoke with Attorney W on the phone. Good conversation. You are right . he could be the best fit."

January 2019

Darla's Client: SC Law Firm wrote...


Thank you for introducing ___________ to us. I would like to offer her the position in our xxxxx xxxx office as a Workers’ Compensation Paralegal.  The position pays $50,000.00 per year ($24.10 per hour).

January 2019

Darla's client: NY Law Firm wrote...

Darla, We are pleased to report that "Attorney B" accepted an offer to join KBO in January.   Please advise what needs to be done in order to complete the hiring process.

Thank you.

December 2018

Darla's client: Charlotte NC Law Firm said...

"This Attorney will be unstoppable, can I call him myself and make him the offer!"

November 2018

Darla's client: Charleston Law Firm

"She would be perfect for that spot.   Please offer her the position at $$$$$$.     Let me know when she can start so I can make arrangements for training."

October 2018

Darla's candidate: EC

Good Morning, Darla!

Thank you so much!  I am really excited about this opportunity.  Let me know if you need any additional information.  I am giving my notice today.

Thank you!

September 2018

Darla's Client: NY Matrimonial Law Firm said...

"Have you ever done a perfect interview...I offered him the job.  He starts Monday"

August 2018

Darla's client: Large CT PI Law Firm wrote...

__________ is doing great!    He’s quiet but very smart and seems to be doing very well, according to Attorney Manager.  He has a dry sense of humor and the paralegals like working with him too.

July 2018

Charlotte Law Firm wrote...

We would like to offer ________ the paralegal position in our Charlotte office with a starting salary of $$$$$$.

June 2018

Darla's client: NY Law Firm

"I liked her, she will do well here.  I offered her more than she was asking.  She starts April 16th."

April 2018

Darla's client: NY Law Firm

"shortest interview I've ever done, I hired her on the spot.  She starts Monday"

March 2018

Large CT PI Law Firm

"You are such a pleasure to work with.  If you ever need a referral, I’d be happy to provide one !"

Feb 2018

Large NY PI Law Firm

Good afternoon Attorney S......,

We are pleased to hear that you have accepted a position with our firm, and that you’ll be joining us Monday November 27, 2017.    I will be working with you on your next steps to get you started. Welcome aboard!

Nov 2017

NY Matrimonial Law Firm

I met with Attorney "G....." and liked him. I will make him an offer tomorrow. Thx. 

Nov 2017

Crystal Joyner's Email to her candidate...

"XYZ Law Firm" is quite pleased with your skill set, and they believe you would make a great addition to their team.

They are offering $$$$$$ annually salary with benefits.  You'll join their litigation team!  Congratulations on getting the salary you asked for.

Sept 2017

Litigation Law Firm

We extended an offer to Attorney "XYZ" to work in our Charlotte office and she has accepted!

Aug 2017

Charleston Law Firm

Hi Darla: 

I hope that you are doing well today.   Paralegal "M" will go on our payroll beginning Monday, July 3, 2017.  Thanks

June 2017

Darla's Client: CT Law Firm

Thank you Darla..."you did it again"!   Attorney "L" starts July 10th.   BTW...we are in search of a COO, if you no one with X,Y&Z experience will you send them to us!  Thank you so much. 

June 2017

Darla's Client: CT Law Firm


That's Great news!   Thank you for the attorney referral and for helping us to move this along to a favorable conclusion.  Enjoy the rest of your day!   

April 2017

Darla's Client: Charleston Law Firm


We are happy to let you know that Attorney "G"  will be accepting our job offer.  He will be joining us on 4/20/2017.

Thank you,

April 2017

Darla's Client: New York Law Firm

Hi Darla,

We have an offer and acceptance for Attorney _____ at $$,$$$. 

March 2017

Darla's Client: M... Greenville, SC Law Firm

We approve to increase to $$$$$, how soon can she start?

January 2017

Darla's Client: Downtown Charleston Law Firm...

"She's hired!", Thanks Darla

December 2016

Darla's Client: JPLF wrote...

"With regards to the thank you >>>>>>No,,no,, thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu,, really hoping that xxxxxxx works out, my goal is to make him a success, ..he has some notable background in med mal and nursing home, and  I need some help in that dept, and we want to really expand our nursing home practice, so thank you again, .. and  again  for thinking of us to send the experienced attorney ….johnny

July 2016

Darla's Client: MVA wrote...

"She was a good find Darla, thank you!"

March 2015

Darla's Candidate: Lea M. wrote...

"Darla has been a life savor during a tumultuous time during my work career. From my first telephone conversation with her to the last text she has been friendly and uplifting. She went to bat for me for a position and I am very grateful for that. She keeps you updated during the whole process and makes sure you have the best fit with a company. I have never had any luck with a staffing agency and Darla has completely changed that around for me. Thank you for everything Darla!"

June 15, 2015

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