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Staffing Law Firms is what we do..."It's all we do"!

To The The Solo-Practitioner...
Who is seeking a receptionist, legal assistant, paralegal or a Sr-level Attorney with a portable book of business, to merge assets and grow into an established full service law firm!
To The Mid-size Law Firm With Over 100 employees...


We can fill your support staff needs, your lateral attorney positions, as well as a partner level attorney who can step into a caseload!

Candidates are vetted with technology such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and GoTo Meeting
Legal Solutions Group, P.C., keeps the name of our clients private until the interview phase
To The Top-Tier International Law Firms...

You and your HR staff's time is valuable/money and typically the best talent is NOT unemployed looking online for a job, they are working.

We serve as a value added extension to management, in-house recruiters and HR departments...they are our allies.
*It costs nothing to interview our talented candidates...We don't get paid unless we deliver!  I look forward to serving you.

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